New Thing #3: Styling with Stitch Fix

If you asked a friend to describe me, I think they would use some positive adjectives — smart, funny, etc. But I don’t think “stylish” or “on trend” would be included. Fashion and I have had a love-hate relationship since the 7th grade, when suddenly all the other girls started caring what they looked like, instead of what was most comfortable during a game of kickball. Some fashion gene seemed to kick in for them. I think it may have been paired with the straight-teeth gene, because I didn’t get that either.

So Stitch Fix sounded like a godsend. Some stylist picks out clothes for you, based on your preferences, and sends them to you in the mail. I filled out a questionnaire answering questions like, “How do you like clothes to fit on your upper half?” and “What do you like to flaunt?” (Answers: Loose and Nothing). They also asked how much I wanted to spend (Answer: as little as possible). I signed up to receive a shipment every other month. The least frequent option was quarterly.

I paid a $20 styling fee, which I could deduct from any items I purchased. They told me my first “fix” would arrive on June 29 (not sure the addict language is entirely appropriate, especially for my first shipment). It showed up a day early. I love getting packages in the mail, even if it’s just a trial sample maxi-pad, so this was a treat.  The package contained three summer tops, a necklace and a pair of jeans.


There was a navy blue sheer sleeveless top with a gathered back (first two photos), an orange dolman-sleeve top, an orange-print halter top and a long gold and silver pendant necklace. The jeans (not pictured) were basic dark-wash straight leg jeans.

Everything fit! This was shocking, right off the bat. And everything looked pretty good on me. The halter top was the least attractive, because of my pasty white shoulders, but it still fit very nicely. The only exception: the blue jeans were at least a half a foot too long. To be honest, I was glad to have an excuse to send them back, because they were $88, which is a LOT more than I normally spend on a basic pair of jeans.

If you buy everything in the the shipment, Stitch Fix gives you a 25% discount, but I opted to keep just the navy blue and solid orange tops and the necklace (which I loved).  They supply you with a postage-paid plastic shipping bag — you just put the rejects inside, seal it and drop it off at the post office. They also encourage you to give them feedback on the pieces they send you, so they can hone in better on your style (if you have one).

The whole experience was really exciting (granted, I live a pretty quiet life), and I can’t wait for my next “fix” in August. My only complaint: I did ask for the clothes to be “as cheap as possible,” and two of the tops were $38, one was $58, and the jeans, as I said, were $88. This isn’t exorbitant, but I would hardly characterize it as cheap. But since my wardrobe could use some classing up, I was willing to splurge a little.

The next New Thing: Take me to church!

As a kid, I attended (okay, was forced to attend) church most Sundays. The only time I really enjoyed it was around the Christmas season, because the hymns were basically the Christmas carols that didn’t feature Santa, and I liked singing. I also got my own candle to hold on Christmas Eve, to symbolize the Light of Jesus. All I knew was that I was being entrusted with fire, which is a pretty heady thing when you’re seven years old.

After I got married, my husband and I still occasionally attended church, but once the kids started coming, it turned into a project that just seemed too exhausting on Sunday mornings. But I did miss having that time each week to focus on the big picture.

Now that my kids are older, I’d like to belong to a church again, but which one? I’d like to choose consciously, not just troop back to the Methodist church because that’s where I’ve always gone. I’m intrigued by the philosophy of the Unitarian Universalists:  they welcome anyone on a spiritual path, including Christians, Jews,  Buddhists, agnostics, atheists — whatever. So this Sunday I will be attending a Unitarian service near me.

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