New Thing #10: I Meet a Badass


In which I go back in time, fall in love with a library and pay good money to drive through Ohio.


In my last blog — which was much too long ago — I said my next new thing would be a Spinning class. I did not do this, mainly because the only available spinning class at my gym that was not during work hours was at 5:00 a.m. The only cycle I’m working on at 5 a.m. is a REM cycle.

However, a much more interesting opportunity arose. Jen Sincero, one of my favorite self-help gurus and author of the books You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money,  was doing a book tour, and though she had foolishly overlooked Detroit as a stop on the tour (what’s more badass than Detroit, Jen?), she had two stops in the cursed land of the Buckeye.  I chose Hudson, Ohio.

Hudson is the town that time forgot. This place is so relentlessly quaint I kept looking for Jimmy Stewart to come running down Main Street, flailing his arms and yelling, “Merry Christmas, you old Building and Loan!”  Whoever has the contract for supplying historical markers really made a killing in Hudson (founded in 1799 by David Hudson in a region once known as the Connecticut Western Reserve). Even the new buildings in Hudson have been designed to look like old buildings, without the dirt. And the best new-old building of all was the library.  Two floors, with a giant rotunda on the main floor, sunlight streaming through skylights in the roof like God was browsing the books.

I have never attended a book signing event before, but this one seemed like a slam dunk, because I’d listened to Sincero’s books on audio, and she was a hoot. She was equally hootworthy at this event. She was also warm, friendly, and inspiring. And patient. During the Q & A session, a few fans asked her questions which basically translated to, “I don’t know what to do with my life. Will you tell me?”  Since the message of the book is essentially, don’t let anyone tell you what to do with your life, these people seemed to have missed the point. After an entertaining talk, she signed everyone’s books,  and let people take pictures. I gave her a card with the URL of this blog on it, so I know she’s reading this now. Ha ha.

This new thing was  kind of two new things, because the 3 1/2 hour road trip to Hudson was considerably more challenging than my trip to Indiana.  It was also my first solo road trip (my daughter was with me on the last one), and my first time driving on a turnpike (for which I paid $16.50). And I only screwed up once, which was really the GPS lady’s fault.

I’m not even going to preview my next new thing, because I don’t know what it will be. It will be soon, though, because my blogging pace lately has been pitiful.   Time to rev it up!

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