New Thing #9: Sushi time!


In which I unknowingly eat and praise eel.

Not long ago, the main thing Americans knew about sushi was that it involved raw fish, which sounded gross (even though many of these same Americans had no qualms about eating steak so rare the cow’s next of kin had not yet been notified). Now, however, you can’t swing a dead fish without hitting a sushi place, and since I seemed to be the last person on earth under the age of 80 who hadn’t tried it, I decided to give it a go.

My older daughter is a fan of sushi, so I googled sushi restaurants conveniently located between her workplace and mine so we could do lunch. I found one called Cafe Sushi which had good Yelp ratings. Though “Cafe” didn’t seem very authentically Japanese, I figured any restaurant that put “sushi” in their name and succeeded must have decent sushi.

It was a very nice place (maybe a little too nice, I thought —  better check the available credit on my MasterCard). The red-lacquered chopsticks were swaddled in a cloth napkin (no paper wrapper) and there was a little tiny teapot of soy sauce on the table.  My daughter joined me, and the waitress brought us two giant menus (four over-sized pages long, no pictures — this was some heavy reading).  Luckily my daughter had been to this place once before, and was able to explain it all to me. When the menu said a roll was $5, I was imagining one little circle of sushi. Holy crap! This was going to cost a fortune! My daughter, doing a sushi eye-roll, patiently explained that one roll yielded about six pieces.

Since I was a sushi newbie, we got a sampling of several rolls: California, Spicy Salmon Crunch (a really bad breakfast cereal), Spicy Tofu, and a Jing roll. The Jing was a specialty roll that had fried sweet potato, asparagus and, I am JUST NOW LEARNING by looking at the online menu, EEL.  The Jing roll and the Spicy Tofu were my favorite, probably because they both featured fried things–leave it to me to find the least healthy option. The Jing was the best. I liked the flavor of the Spicy Salmon Crunch but the texture of the raw fish was a little off-putting.  Still, all of it was a lot tastier than I thought it would be. After all, it has seaweed in it. Stuff I shake off my foot at the beach, I am now voluntarily placing in my mouth. It’s a brave new world, people.

The Next New Thing: Spin Class

I’m not much of a cyclist, at least from a fitness perspective. I like casually tooling about the neighborhood, but I have a fear of crashing (which I have done before), so I leave the speedy biking to the spandex-clad folks I see blocking traffic on my way to work.

But Spin Class, which is available at my gym, sounds like fun. Riding with a bunch of other people with no possibility of crashing into them. What could go wrong? Tune in next week to find out.

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